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Sushi Shop

The creators of the Sushi Shop concept have recognized that now is the time for a new and innovative approach to take-out food. They have addressed the need for healthier choices and the growing demand for convenience of today’s consumers, offering them the opportunity to experience sushi for all occasions.

Sushi Shop has redefined the boundaries of take-out and has pushed it to exciting new heights.

Sushi Shop’s objective is to set, meet and surpass consumer standards for highqualityservice. It focuses on providing fresh, top-quality sushi. Sushi Shop takespride in its rapid service and beautifully presented meals to be enjoyed either on the premises or at home.

Sushi Shop ensures that all products and services are affordable, readily available and competitive in terms of price, customer service, quality and variety.


A winning combination
Sushi Shop’s unique approach to Japanese cuisine combines a prepared food section, a fine food grocery section and a beautiful boutique to create a new, convenient and complete shopping experience.

The prepared food section gives customers the opportunity to purchase a variety of sushi, maki, soups and salads - all meticulously prepared on the premises using the finest and freshest ingredients.

The fine food section offers a vast selection of sushi ingredients. Customers can also find exotic sauces, seasonings and vinegars, as well as an assortment of teas and packaged Japanese foods.

Thanks to the boutique section, customers can enjoy a total Japanese shopping experience. The variety of tableware and cooking utensils offered, helps create an authentic Japanese atmosphere. The boutique’s many marvellous gift ideas invite customers to share the delights of the Japanese dining experience.

By shopping at any one of the Sushi Shop franchises, customers can create for themselves an authentic sushi meal in the comfort of their own home.

Nutritional benefits
Sushi is known worldwide for its nutritional value. Sushi is not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but is also extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been clinically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and to be excellent for lowering cholesterol. The calorie count in sushi depends on its ingredients, but is generally low.

Long-term growth opportunity
Sushi and related products are unquestionably increasing in popularity. Marketing analysis confirms that Sushi Shop franchises are well received and in demand, and Sushi Shop profits are rising steadily. North American and European statistics confirm the continuous market growth.

Since the early 1990s, North Americans have increased their spending on meals purchased outside the home by an astonishing 42%. The purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages outside the home, in general, has jumped 30%.*

The expanding health consciousness of consumers means long-term growth opportunities for Sushi Shop franchises.


Building success together
Sushi Shop is focused on expanding its network of franchises without compromisingits dedication to giving consumers a unique alternative to standard take-out fare. The fact that Sushi Shop offers a combination of freshly prepared meals and products of excellent quality at an affordable price sets it apart from other franchises.

You will benefit from joining the dynamic Sushi Shop team. Sushi Shop has designed, developed and acquired very specific processes and has established business and marketing strategies. The experience and know-how that have made Sushi Shop franchises so successful can be yours.

Sushi Shop offers continuous support and professional guidance from the early stages of development of your outlet right through to opening day and beyond.

Sushi Shop is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and has over 50 franchises, primarily located in the Greater Montreal area.

Location for success
Location is crucial to the success of a Sushi Shop franchise.

Sushi Shop is always looking for new, strategically located sites in order to expand its network of franchises. Sites are selected on the basis of high traffic, high visibility, adequate square footage and cost criteria. A Sushi Shop franchise generally measures between 400 and 1,000 sq. ft.

Preferred sites are typically office buildings, public markets or highly populated residential neighbourhoods.

Winner of the 2002 Commerce Design Montréal Grand Prize
In 2002, Sushi Shop was awarded the prestigious Commerce Design Montréal Jury Grand Prize. Sushi Shop, in collaboration with the internationally renowned Jean Pierre Viau Design team, has created a layout that lends a unique and comfortable atmosphere.

Sushi Shop helps franchisees at all stages in the development of any new franchise, including drawing up plans, selecting equipment, coordinating and supervising the actual construction work. You can rely on Sushi Shop’s experienced contractors throughout the process that leads up to the opening of your new site.

Products constantly being refined
Aiming to broaden its scope, Sushi Shop is constantly innovating. Research and development are part of the company’s core objectives. It is Sushi Shop’s concern for quality and diversity that sets it apart from the competition.

Sushi Shop is always on the alert for the latest trends and is constantly evolving in all areas: menu, fine foods and boutique items. Every aspect of sushi - taste, colour, texture and shape - is carefully studied.

Sharing expertise
Sushi Shop runs a two-week training program for franchisees and chefs. Training principally focuses on two fundamental elements of Sushi Shop’s organization: food preparation and practical operations.

The food preparation segment of the program is a detailed introduction to the menu, ingredients and preparation of Sushi Shop items. You will master the intricate art of creating sushi and other authentic Japanese delicacies.

The practical operation segment of the program specifically deals with tools and techniques developed by Sushi Shop to assist you in efficiently and effectively managing your own franchise. More specifically, this training covers quality assurance, cost control, customer service, inventory control, purchasing and ordering, as well as site maintenance.

All training is given by highly qualified experts and presented according to Sushi Shop’s established curriculum.

The training program begins at an operating Sushi Shop outlet and ends at your own site!

Customized support
Sushi Shop believes that communication and teamwork are two key elements of success. After your initial training, you can depend on continued assistance from the Sushi Shop team.

For added support, the Sushi Shop team has prepared an operating manual for you to refer to. You can reach Sushi Shop’s qualified team, at any time, for advice and personalized service.

Sushi Shop invests 2% of sales per franchise in corporate advertising and promotion. These investments are made in the interests of all franchises. Each franchise benefits from the professionally planned promotion of brand image, plus in-store and new product promotions. Get ready for a challenge

Personal commitment
Sushi Shop franchisees all share the same passion - sushi. But passion alone is not enough: you must be prepared to put time and energy into the opening of your own Sushi Shop.

You are dynamic, open-minded and primed to invest your money in a project that makes full use of your talent for leadership. You have innate organizational skills and the ability to motivate others to accomplish great things as a team.

It is mandatory for all franchises to invest 1% of sales into local advertising and promotion. Given the importance of uniform advertising, Sushi Shop supplies guidelines and provides access to a marketing consulting service.

Sushi Shop also encourages franchisees to be active in their community.

Financial investment
It is the responsibility of each franchisee to organize the financing needed to open a site. Purchasing a franchise requires an investment of approximately $250,000. This amount includes the initial $30,000 franchise fee. It is important to keep in mind that this estimate is based on figures for previously opened franchises and the actual investment required will vary due to the customized features of each site. You can expect to invest 40% of this sum personally.

What’s next?
Presently, 80% of our franchisees have more then one location - which proves that operating a Sushi Shop franchise yields a high level of satisfaction.

If you are ready for this adventure, call us. The Sushi Shop team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Sushi Shop also invites you to visit its web site at and learn more about this great opportunity.

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Costs and Fees
Investment Required: $250,000 to $325,000
Capital Required: $90,000
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Ongoing Royalty Payments: 6% of net sales
Advertising Fees: 2% of net sales
Other Fees: N/A
Terms of Agreement: 10 years depending on lease
Renewal Fee: $3,000/year
Franchisee Support
Financing: No, Sushi Shop has a referral program with various financial institutions to aid in financing.
Franchisee Training: 2-week intensive training at one of our Sushi Shop Universities and 1-week training on-site.
Franchisee Marketing Support: National and local marketing
Franchisee Operations
Number of Employees: 8-15 full
Absentee Ownership Allowed: Yes
Opportunities: Single Unit, Multi Unit
Franchisee Prerequisites
Net Worth: $250,000 minimum
Cash Liquidity: $125,000
Business Experience: Restaurant experience preferred
Franchise Locations
Franchise Available: Alberta
British Columbia

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