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Starz Canada

Coffee Article

Have you ever wondered how much profit coffee shops make?  I am sure you have. I am sure we all have. The profit margin in coffee is huge, and if you analyze the business model of any successful coffee shop, you’ll soon come to realize that it’s the coffee that makes the money, not all of the goodies you can buy with the coffee.

Now imagine owning your own coffee business, working from the same business model as a coffee shop. That is high volume, small product cost, and high profits. You’ll come to realize that most people miss out on the fact that vending machines when placed in a high traffic area generate significant profits.

We at Starz Canada help individual start this unique home based business from start to finish. This means that we secure and install the locations that are the most suitable for the machines to generate revenue.

Be honest with yourself.  What kind of business is profitable on the market? Good question. In general business is a risk. Some business is high risk, and some I say are calculated risk. This means that as a business owner, you have enough information about the business and how it operates to convince you that it works.

Let’s get started. Call us today, and let us help you start this unique and profitable home based business. We will identify your personal financial goals, determine your investment level, and help you on your way to generating up to a full time income with only 3 to 4 hours per week.

If you’re not convinced, I suggest you call today and make an appointment to attend our head office to sample our product and view our machines. We will then provide you a detailed presentation on why our vending concept works and I will convince you that your investment in this unique home based business is a great opportunity.

Call today and invest some time in finding out how easy it is to get started. Call now. 1-888-600-3755

#1 Beverage with Remarkable Health Benefits as a Business Opportunity.

Wow! That’s interesting. if I ever heard of a potential business opportunity that allows consumers to drink the number choice beverage among Canadian Adults, all the while receiving tremendous health Benefits!  And what is this #1 Beverage of choice amongst adult Canadians? Coffee; Specialty coffee to be exact like, Lattes, cappuccinos, Double Espresso etc.

Now the benefits related to coffee are truly fantastic. A recent study out of Finland that monitored 1400 middle aged people for 21 years that drank coffee found that there is significant lower risk of getting dementia. Further, research shows that caffeine does stimulate brain function. So the “ use it or lose it” concept has some merit. There is also a link between coffee drinkers reducing the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Finally there are three theories on why results show what they do. Coffee is an antioxidant, coffee contains substances that are protective of nerve cells, and lastly coffee reduces the risk of diabetes.

So now does this make for a unique business opportunity?  Yes it does.  More than 80% of the daily consumption of coffee occurs  from within the work place rather than external sources. Now you can get a fair market share of this simplistic and lucrative market with investment of  no more than an hour per week of your time. 

So starting a small home based business makes sense for a lot of us and you don’t have to drink coffee to appreciate the great returns. So starting a part time business that allows me the convenience of earning a living and at the same time building a business makes sense! More importantly the home based business concept is still a respected choice by the majority.  A cash for life business like this, means you don’t have to buy the cash for life lottery ticket! Ha-ha.

You can find out more by investing some time with a complimentary disclosure and presentation on the unique opportunity and have a coffee on us.

Call 1-888-600-3755

Franchising vs. Business Opportunities

When considering how you’re going to generate an extra income, a lot of people are not sure of what kind of business they can get involved in. Further, the reality is that many people are interested in starting a new business but really have no idea of how to get started.

That’s where we need to clarify the understanding between the Business Opportunity vs. the Franchise Opportunity.
When we talk about the Business Opportunity, let’s consider the benefits. For the most part a Business opportunity, such as our Coffee vending Business, does not charge the entrepreneur an up front cost e.g. (Franchise fee) which could be in excess of $30,000.00. At that point you then need to consult with a lawyer to fully understand what it is you are getting into. This can be a costly endeavour. Franchising in general means that you’re buying into a concept that has entire support network in place.

However what people don’t realize is that buying a franchise means that you will be paying heavy Royalties (off of gross sales) Marketing fees, Buying all products,  from their established distributor, and in turn your Franchisor is getting a kick back. Not to mention if you don’t follow those general obligations you could find yourself in breach of your agreement and this can cause legal implications for you.

Now when comparing that to our business opportunity, and for the most part many other business opportunities, first your not paying any franchise fee, nor are you paying any Royalties, or Marketing Fees. You may in some case need to buy product from the company.

However, you also may not be obligated to do so, depending on your arrangement. In turn you still typically have a support group backing the business product you’re involved with and you will have the benefit of additional services that the company can provide to ensure your confidence in the product. 

At Starz Canada, we assist our client’s from even registering a business name and helping them with acquiring a G.S.T. number etc.  More importantly, we provide a free seminar on our business concepts and a free consultation, regarding everything from your initial investment, and financing opportunities.

In general my suggestion when considering a business opportunity is to be realistic in what income level you’d like to earn, and finally remember that many business concepts accommodate your general needs on a Part-Time basis. This has a greater appeal to most while working Full-Time. We have opportunities for distributorship now.

Call to attend our open house to find out how you can get started on your way to financial independence.  Call: 1-888-600-3755.

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